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 Once upon a time, a weary traveler came to an inn and asked for a cup of wine. The innkeeper, who was a poor man, gave him almost the last of his wine supply, and the  stranger paid him with a piece of amber. 

“Put it in your wine jug,” he said, “and see what happens.” Then he went on his way.

The innkeeper put the amber in the jug with the last drops of drink and—to his amazement—the jug immediately overflowed with good, rich wine. From then on, the innkeeper’s fortunes improved, for he never ran out of wine to sell to his customers. He lived contentedly with his dog and cat. But one day, the amber was missing.

“Oh no,” he wailed. “It must have been poured out into a cup and someone took it home.” He was so sad that the dog and cat promised to help him, and they set out to search for the magic piece of amber that had made their owner so happy.

They searched all the houses in the town, sniffing to pick up the scent of the amber. In the winter, the river froze, and they were able to walk across the ice to the houses on the other side. In the spring, they traced the smell to a box on top of a tall wardrobe, in an empty house. They managed to knock the box down and rescue the amber. They set off for home. 

But the river ice had melted and they had to cross the water. 

“I can swim,” said the dog.

“I can’t,” said the cat.

“Climb on my back and carry the 

amber in your mouth,” said the dog.

And he got in the water with the cat on his back.

Halfway across, the dog asked the cat if the amber was safe. But she couldn’t answer because if she opened her mouth to speak, she would drop the amber. But he asked her so many times that in the end she said, “Of course it’s safe!” So the amber fell into the water!

They were on the shore by now, and started to argue and fight so badly that the cat escaped only by climbing up a tree. While she was up there, she caught the scent of amber again, and traced it to a fish that had just been caught by a fisherman. 

Quickly, she caught the fish in her mouth. She ran away back to her master and gave it to him. 

 He cut it open to cook for his supper and cried out with joy when he found the amber inside.

So he had a good cup of wine with his supper, and he was soon able to reopen the inn and serve his customers. He did wonder what had happened to the dog, but it never came back.

And from that day to this, cats and dogs have never gotten along—all because of what happened with the amber.

Excerpt From:

A First Book of Fairy Tales and Myths by Mary Hoffman