The Guppible One : 10 minute Kid's Bedtime Story

 Gillmore the guppy was getting bored with having to go to swimming school along the coast, especially on a day when the sun was shining, the surf was splashing, and the water was sparkling clear.

Each day before school assembled, Percy the perch would be perched on his favorite rock, waiting for Gillmore the guppy to join up with him before leaving for school.

As Gillmore arrived that morning for school, Percy said, "It's such a beautiful morning. I wish something exciting would happen in school today."

"I agree!" said Gillmore. "All our class does is swim up and down the coast in the same spot everyday, and it's so boring!"

Lurking close by in the water was Finister the devilfish, who listened in on Percy's and Gillmore's conversation about wishing something exciting would happen today.

"Hey, you guys want to play hooky today?" offered Finister.

"What's hooky?" asked Gillmore.

"Playing hooky is fishtailing it over to the pier after skipping school, and then nibbling away at the free lunch the fishermen dangle from their lines without getting hooked," said the devilish Finister.

"That sounds like an exciting fishing expedition to me," answered Gillmore.

"How about you, Percy?" prodded Finister.

"A free lunch sounds fishy to me, so I think I'm going to play it safe and stay

in school," Percy replied.

"We're going to leave our backpacks next to your rock and pick them up later, after our free lunch," Finister and Gillmore said to Percy. 

Percy got off his perch and swam off to class. When Wally the walleye swam by, Finister asked him to tell Miss Marlin the schoolteacher that he and Gillmore were sick and feeling like fish out of water and wouldn't be able to attend school today.

The plan to play hooky had now set sail, as Finister and Gillmore fishtailed over to the pier to get an exciting free lunch. Finister was the first one to begin nibbling away at the free lunch when a fisherman quickly hooked him and reeled him in for a fish fry.

The next school day, as Gillmore arrived to join up with Percy for swimming school, he was looking as black as a sea bass. His scales were smoking, his lips were swollen shut, and he was feeling like a crappie.

"What happened to you?" asked Oly the mackerel.

"When Finister got hooked by the fisherman, I got so scared. I swam out to sea as fast as I could, but I got caught in a powerful undertow that took me miles and miles out into the deep blue sea. I got real lost, because I left my GPS unit in my backpack."

"How did you get so black?" asked Oly.

"When the undertow stopped, I looked around the deep blue sea and saw Oozy the octopus. I went up to him and started tapping his shoulder to ask him for directions, but he got startled and began inking me. That's how I got so black," said Gillmore.

"How did you get the smoking scales and the fat lips?" asked Wally.

"After swimming for awhile, I made it to the reef. That's when Electra the electric eel sprang out of her hiding place, shocking the scales out of me. To make matters worse, I asked Stingy the stingray, who was suntanning on the sand bar, for a ride home. Unfortunately, Stingy didn't recognize me and got so frightened by my looks that he stung me on the mouth. That's how I got two fat lips," stated Gillmore.

"So how did you get back to the coast?" Percy asked.

"A pilot fish happened to be flying by and offered me a ride over to the coast, which cost me my lunch money, and I ended up starving for lunch. It was the worst day of my life!" Gillmore sighed. "By the way, what did I miss in school?"

"It was the best day our class has ever had at school!" Percy said excitedly.

"Miss Marlin the schoolteacher took our class on a field trip to the aquarium sea show. We went swimming with the aquarium stars and got to look at all the gawking people through the huge glass windows. It was a whale of a good time!"

"You also missed Goldie the goldfish strutting back and forth in front of the huge windows, fishing for compliments," laughed Oly.

"But the most exciting part of the day was getting the greatest free lunch in the world from all the people at the aquarium," said Percy.

"I should have stayed in school!" lamented Gillmore, the guppible one.

Excerpt from:

Fibles by M.R.Everette